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Erisin ES338-L Touch Screen Control Car Mobile Digitale HDTV DVB-T2 Receiver

DVB-T TV Box for ES38XX / ES48XX/ ES78XX Series
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  • ES8129D
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  • ES2718V Autoradio + pièces optionnelles
  • ES2788U Autoradio + pièces optionnelles
  • ES5115V Autoradio + pièces optionnelles
  • ES5153BN Autoradio + pièces optionnelles
Nombre total dans le chariot d’achat82.54
Nombre total dans le chariot d’achat82.54
Nombre total dans le chariot d’achat82.54
Nombre total dans le chariot d’achat82.54
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* Fully comply with DVB-T EN300 744/DVB-T2 EN302 755 Standard
* Use 2 high gain amplified TV antenna, you can enjoy TV Programs while driving with high speed above 160km/h
* Thanks to a infrared eye, you can install the DVB-T Receiver Box in a hidden position,
such as in the glove compartment or in the passenger footwell.
* Also you can record program and save it into your USB device or hard disc (up to 32GB) automatically

- Special design for car using, Power Supply: DC 12/24V
- Twin tuners with diversity structure DVB-T2 box for high speed driving
- Special design for car using, support high speed above 160km/hours
- Fully comply with DVB-T2 Standard, Subminiature appearance, Easy to install
- Support HEVC(H.265), H.264, MPEG-2, MPEG-4 such Video Decoding (up to 1920x1080P)
- Support PCM, AAC Leve12, ACC Leve14 such Audio Decoding 
- Support multi-media format : MPG, MKV, AVI, MOV, WMA, MP3, AAC
- Support fast hardware decoding of JPEG Picture
- DVB subtitling ETSI 300473 compliant and OSD tele-text
- OSD/Menu/Audio Languages: English/French/German/Italian/Spanish/Portuguese/Russian...
- EPG (Electronic Program Guide) with now and next and 7 days events
- Channel search with automatic/manual scan, with HDMI Output Connector
- USB2.0 host support upgrade, PVR, time shifting and media play with U-FLASH or HDD
- S-AV Port for AV Input and output, just buy the Adapter Cable to use it
- RCA audio and video input with all the way ,Three of the RCA audio and video output
- Standby consumption less than 0.85W (True Standby)

Package Content: 
1 * Mobile DVB-T2/T Box
1 * User's Manual in English
1 * Remote Controller (Batt. excluded)
1 * Power Cable (1.5m)
1 * Infrared eye (2m)
2 * Amplified Digital TV Antenna(3m)
1 * RCA Connection Cable(2m)

1* DT01-L Touch screen control dedicated cable
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